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Foreign Investment Newsletter - Selected Countries

por mrsena publicado 23/04/2019 17h34, última modificação 23/04/2019 17h34

The Ministry of Economy, through the Executive Secretariat of the Foreign Trade Chamber (SE/Camex), released the Foreign Investment Newsletter – Selected Countries.  The selection was based on the fact that the Ministry has signed Memoranda of Understanding and Cooperation with these countries. The document gathers the investments in different sectors of the Brazilian economy, since 2003, and presents the regions of implementation, the modality of investment and the values, whenever available. 

The methodology applied is the same as the one developed for mapping direct Chinese investments published in seven editions until the end of 2018. It is the outcome of information collected from different sources, hence it may not accurately represent all the investment from these countries in Brazil: several companies do not disclose the values ​​or the specific Federation Unit where some projects are located.